In Dogs We Trust

Welcome to our new book page for our anthology In Dogs We Trust 

We have only a few limited edition soft backs left. We need to place them in good homes so we can get the new book out and distributed in brick and mortar shops.

In Dogs We Trust: Tales of Unconditional Love, Inspiration and Sacrifice. The hard cover edition of In Dogs We Trust is an autographed special edition: includes more than 10 new stories from celebrated authors.

 “If you love dogs…..and even if you haven’t yet been touched by one, you will understand how magical they are….as Angels, healers of traumatic wounds, teachers, therapists, heroes, saviors, and friends.”

A book by world class writers with all proceeds going to service dog and veteran concerns.

“The stories will make you laugh and cry and put you in touch with your inner dog…”

Authors include: Trident Warrior Dog author Mike Ritland, LZ Grace Vets Retreat Center Director Lynn Bukowski, War Dog Trainer, Blogger and Soldier Kevin Hanrahan, Veteran Traveler Lon Hodge, WSJ Columnist Alan Paul, Actor Bruce Littlefield, Dog Whisperer Paul Owens, National Mill Dog Rescue, Clear Conscience Pet CEO Anthony Bennie and many more…All donated their time and talent!

“I have never read a book that revealed the true nature of a dog’s heart like this one.”

 “If you love dogs even half as much as we do this book will touch every emotion you carry. The stories are all true. Each one will pull you in and keep you involved until the very last word.”

Price: $12.95