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Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.

~Agnes Sligh Turnbull

I follow several dogs on Facebook. Some are devoted to social causes, all are ambassadors for  goodwill and kindness. They give me something to smile about on days I might rather be under the covers.

I follow pages that interact with people on their timelines and encourage and inspire their communities. They have followings large and small and deserve every “like” they have. Here are the first five of ten I will list in two posts:

1. Ray Charles the Golden Retriever:

ray charles

Ray Charles is a two-year old golden retriever that was
born blind. According to Ray, who speaks through his page, he believes he was born blind  so that he could help inspire others who are born with physical/mental disabilities to always live their lives to the fullest and do as much as they can with what they are given.

Follow Ray   

2. SSD Honza: SD Honza is a yellow lab who served seven years with the United States Army. While on active duty SSD Honza deployed to Afghanistan and saved countless lives locating over 400lbs of explosives during his year long deployment. SSD Honza has conducted security sweeps for the President and Vice-President, Dignitaries and countless others. He is now retired and living with his handler in Pennsylvania.

honza dog“SSD Honza helped keep our troops alive in Afghanistan, but he has also been an ambassador of goodwill towards the sick and injured. In this picture he was in the middle of training for a deployment to Afghanistan, SSD Honza when took some time from his day to allow a little boy with cancer to fulfill his dream of becoming a Soldier. Wes Pak was made an Honorary K9 handler, and helped SGT. Nolan and SSD Honza complete the obedience course!”

I know and appreciate both John and Honza. Their story is featured in the eook In Dogs We Trust via a story by war dog author and advocate Kevin Hanrahan.

SSD Honza 

3. Surf Dog Richochet: Is an “internationally renowned, award winning, 6 year old golden retriever therapy and surf dog who has become an inspirational phenomenon, philanthropic role model, internet sensation, fundraising marvel, community advocate, goodwill ambassador, and muse to millions!”

surf dogRicochet has been in movies, on TV, on billboards, in Times Square, in commercials, and in hundreds of media sources including the Oprah Winfrey Network, People Magazine, Good Morning America, The Today Show, The Evening News With Diane Sawyer, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and many more….

Surf Dog raises funds & awareness for human/animal causes like wounded warrior service dogs. To date Ricohet has raised $300,000 and a million bowls of food for needy animals.

Surf Dog Ricochet


4. Charlie Boy:

“Charlie Boy was trained by The Seeing Eye to guide U.S. Army Sergeant Major Acosta who was blinded after shrapnel ripped through his head in Iraq charlie boyin 2006. When Charlie Boy started guiding the sergeant major in 2007, his master began to share his own freedom by soothing wounded service members with PTSD & serving as an example of overcoming their injuries. Charlie Boy escorts the Sergeant Major throughout the help him raise funds for injured warriors. In addition, to guiding the Sgt. Major through airports, he also visits incarcerated prisoners throughout Southern California. This 125-pound German Shepherd allows his master to travel to and participate in bike rides & even golf tournaments as well as events where his veteran is a motivational speaker & an advocate for wounded warriors.”

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5. Service Dog in Training Ice:

I know Ice personally and LOVE this goofy pup.

Ice Service Dog“Ice is a golden retriever puppy in training for My Angel With Paws, a service dog organization that trains dogs for people with disabilities. He will spend up to the first 2 years of his life with me, his puppy raiser. Then he will return the main facility for final training and placement with his forever person. It is unknown as of now what type of service dog he will be but he could possibly help someone in a wheelchair, someone who needs a brace dog, someone who has seizures, the list goes on and on. It all depends how big he gets and what skills he can do.”

You will love this page as much as I do. Sarah his trainer is a gifted photographer.

Follow Ice


And while I won’t list Gander in the top ten, I do hope you will follow him of you don’t already:

GanderGander was rescued from a shelter in Pueblo, Colorado where I was born. He was trained in a women’s prison at Canon City, Colorado and later selected for training by Freedom Service Dogs and paroled to me in Chicago after we trained three weeks together. We now travel the country and advocate for veteran suicide prevention, and PTSD and service dog awareness.

Gander is featured in the book In Dogs We Trust and this blog chronicles his adventures. As of the writing, Gander has 215,000 friends on Facebook.

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  1. Bonnie Nevins says

    I will follow w/great interest – it takes a very special dog & much training, but God bless those who do this work (training) for folks who need assistance in all areas of disability & trauma! Not sure if these service & therapy dogs are smarter or they have just been ordained with super large hearts. I don’t need 1 yet but if ever I do it’s comforting to know there are such dogs being loved & trained to be such huge helpers of humans! IN DOGS WE TRUST!

  2. says

    Hi, I never realized it was you who were the veteran traveler. I love you both. Susan had given me your number some time back after Bubba went missing, but I never called. We believe that he was killed by hunters in the woods behind our house that fateful day, even tho he rarely left the yard, that day he had chased a squirrel to the edge of the woods. He was either taken or killed. We never saw him again nor found any remains. When I talked to Susan she told me that you may know of a breeder who may have puppies with abilities for seizure training. Don’t know if we can afford it??? I would love to help train with you all, not sure what they have going on in south Georgia, I do know there are Vets at Ft. Stewart with difficulties. Probably Ft. Bragg as well. Laters Babo Kane

    • admin says

      Many mamy out there need help.
      I’m not involved with biz of any kind. I do help as I can voluntarily connect people with handlers.
      There’s a list here in the blog.
      If I can assist in any way I hope you will contact me.

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